Luxury Vinyl Tile

luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile in Bluffdale, UT

Love the look of stone or ceramic tile but need affordable flooring that stands up to wear and tear? Why not look into luxury vinyl tile? At Bowcutt's Flooring America in Bluffdale, UT, we provide a wide selection of manufactured flooring that has all the beauty of tile and offers high performance at a lesser cost.

We invite you to visit our flooring showroom to browse our brand-name options. Here is where you find a huge selection of handsome styles, appealing colors, and interesting patterns.

To guide you in making sounds decisions, our showroom is staffed by our sales and design professionals. They’re here to assist you by answering questions and showing you samples. With their help, you’ll find luxury vinyl tile flooring that you can’t live without.

Vinyl Tile for Residential & Commercial Use

Tile is a coveted floor covering with a simplicity that suits any decor. You’ll find the same to be true of our LVT flooring. This flooring is made with the classic appeal of tile in mind, so it looks like tile, and you can decorate as you would with tile flooring.

However, luxury vinyl is easy-care flooring with no maintenance necessary. It’s easy to clean. Just dry mop to remove dust and wet mop to add shine. Our customers love the fact that vinyl tile resists water, stains, scuffs, and scratches. And, that it works well for busy households with children and pets.

These same virtues make vinyl tile a great option for business use. Let us provide your operation with commercial vinyl tile. This flooring is tough enough for customers and employees to walk on in all types of weather as it cleans up quickly and possesses a durable nature. This is an excellent way to achieve a high-end look while paying competitive prices.

Versatile Installation by Professionals

Our luxury vinyl tile offers installation versatility. As it resists water, you can install it in rooms with running water or high humidity. Floor your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any room of your house with LVT.

No matter where you install it, we do recommend you hire professionals to do the job. We can send a team of technicians to your home or business to work quickly and efficiently. With their expertise, your vinyl tile looks like the real thing. As a matter of fact, we have styles you can even grout like ceramic tile. Our professionals work to make your flooring look flat and even and to ensure it lasts for many years to come.

Contact us today to help you choose classic vinyl tile flooring for your home or business. We proudly serve clients in Bluffdale, Utah, as well as the Utah Valley, and Utah, Davis, and Wasatch counties. 


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