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pantone color of the year

Pantone’s Color of the Year Influence on Homes

Jan 19, 2022

It’s the moment interior designers wait for all year: the Pantone Color of the Year announcement. Pantone refers to itself as “The global authority for color communication and inspiration since 1963” and has been incredibly influential in a variety of industries thanks to its proprietary color-matching system. Every year, it forecasts a new color trend it believes will resonate in the year ahead. This year, it announced PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri as the color of the year for 2022, and we are sure you can expect to see the shade show up in everything from furniture to décor to possibilities for your next floor.

An Expert Breakdown

pantone color in bathroom

Color Wheel Classic by Daltile

To better explain the deeper meaning behind the color, we turn to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. According to Eiseman, this borderline purple hue is great for expressing creativity and imagination.

“As we move into a world of unprecedented change, the selection of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri brings a novel perspective and vision of the trusted and beloved blue color family, encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time with its violet red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages creativity and imaginative expressions,” Eiseman says.

A Timely Splash of Color

pantone color

Prairie Falsterbo Byzantine by Couristan

After being confined to our homes for so long, the sterile nature of monochrome palettes and minimalism is out! More people are pivoting hard to maximalism with weird, whimsical, and wiggly décor pieces that are bursting with unapologetically fun energy. Very Peri perfectly encapsulates these changing attitudes, as it displays a daring curiosity that frames the future in a new light. Take this color into consideration when you find yourself looking to make a modern, colorful update to your surroundings at home.

Incorporating Very Peri into Your Home

pantone color in bathroom

Kudos Indigo Rectified Glossy Ceramic Emser Tile

While Very Peri can seem overwhelming as a dominant color in your home, there are many ways you can use it to punctuate your space. Try using it on an accent wall or incorporating it into a wallpaper design. Still too much? You’re bound to see furniture pieces in Very Peri soon that could add the perfect pop of color. Maybe something in between? Consider border tiles or a backsplash that features Very Peri.

Floors That Complement the Color

pantone color in bedroom

If you want floors that scream 2022, your best bet is tile, carpet, or luxury vinyl since those can be manufactured in any color. But if that seems too intense for a floor color, you’ll want to shop for complimentary floors by focusing less on the color itself and more on the attributes of the color –paying attention to charm and personality – that make it perfect for 2022. No one truly knows what this year will bring, but we hope that Very Peri inspires you to stay creative, embrace new possibilities, and reinvent yourself and your home along the way.

More Flooring Inspiration & Tips

For more of the latest interior design trends and inspiration, check out our latest issue of Design at Home by Flooring America.

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2022 Style Watch

2022 Style Watch

Jan 03, 2022

2022 is all about moving forward and embarking on new journeys. And what better way to reign in the new year than with new flooring? Wipe your slate clean by adding a fresh canvas to your space. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, a new office, or an extended master suite, we have insight into this year’s top flooring styles so you can strike the perfect balance between personal taste and hot trends.

1. Lighter and Brighter...

lighter flooring trends

Downs H2O Timber in Gainsboro

Light floors will continue to be popular in 2022, making white oak and white ash appealing choices for many homeowners wishing to remodel their floors. Light colors often open up your home and give the perception of space with their light and airy appearance.  This is because light surfaces act like mirrors and refract light to make spaces with few windows and natural light feel larger and less confining.

2. Hints of Blue

Riverside Jungle by Tigressa Cherish in Lakeside

If you want to add a touch of color to your home but aren't sure what to pick, blue is the perfect place to start. Blue itself will always be vogue and you can use brighter renditions of blue hues to provide a splash of color as an accent to your home design or you can find blue shades to keep your space looking neutral. You'll get the most out of this color trend by adhering to the basics and infusing blues where you see fit.

3. Organically Natural 

nature-inspired floor textures

Revo Tile by Floorcraft in Power Grey Matte

We're going back to our roots this winter, focusing on nature-inspired textures and all natural materials.  Bring this trend into your home with wood, natural stone or greenery to lift your spirits during the dark of the year.  These elements simply breathe life into a space when combined with other natural elements or even a variety of organic materials. Who doesn't enjoy fresh flower arrangements, warm wool blankets, and nature's healing properties?

4. Unlimited Variation

Downs H2O Plank in Bristlecone Pines

Finding beauty in variance is an important part of this year's design trends. Following a season of monochrome palettes with whites, grays and beiges, adding little variety might not be such a bad idea. The advantage of having various colorations across your floors is that it makes it easier to decorate the surrounding room with the warm and cold tones present in the various floorboards.

5. Distressed Vintage

distressed vintage interior styles

Gilmore White Oak by Floorcraft Heritage in Burly

From white-washed antique barn looks to hand-scraped European Oak, vintage styles have a timeless charm. And, as the saying goes, "everything comes back in style." This trend aims to create lived-in interiors while also attempting to bring back all of your favorite aspects of retro styles from timeless classics like black and white tile to traditional dark hardwood flooring. And what's not to like about a little nostalgia?

6. Multipurpose Workspaces

Moonlight by Tigressa Cherish in Reflection

Let's be honest: more work from home time is inevitable this year, therefore it's critical to enhance your home's working areas. When you feel good about a room, you're more likely to relax and, as a result, your productivity is enhanced.  Upgrade your home office or co-working environment with floors that are functional —and comfortable to stand on for those with a working desk —and you'll notice a difference in not only your mood but also your performance.

7. Waterproof Flooring

waterproof flooring trends

Lanes Prairie White Oak in by Aquadura H2O in Banana Cream

No one understands the necessity of having a floor that can handle life's toughest messes better than an active family with kids and pets running underfoot. Spills, scratches, and dents have no chance against this year's flooring products, which can withstand all kinds of unexpected accidents thanks to waterproof cores and revolutionary scratch-resistant technology.  Even households without pets or children can benefit from the extreme durability of this top-of-the-line flooring, which is not only built to endure but also beautifully crafted out of white oak.

8. Patterns on Patterns

Define Yourself by Design Distinctions in Sugar Sand

When we talk about this season's trending patterns, we don't mean gaudy designs or flecked movie theater carpets. Patterns can actually be an inconspicuous addition used to elevate your existing decor. Since they offer fun textures and add dimension, patterns lend a distinct warmth to your home design that can be subtle. But if you're looking to hop on the maximalist trend, feel free to go bold with loud layered prints. Whatever your style, be sure to include some patterns this season whether it's a delicate textured wallpaper or a dramatic animal print area rug.

9. Luxurious Comfort

comfortable styling with carpet

Rival & Delightful by Rival by Resista in Succulent

As we've seen, nostalgia for past comforts is alive and well, with trends like cozy cottage core, wallpapered walls, and vintage furniture taking center stage. Everyone is seeking the comfort of a soft carpet underfoot this winter, and nothing beats getting out of bed in the morning to sink your toes into this plush surface. Return to luxurious comfort by installing carpet in your bedrooms, living rooms, and family areas.

10. Charismatic Personality

East Bluff by Floorcraft in Wynford

While many new styles include modern finishes, the charisma of warm and natural-feeling flooring has a habit of finding its way back into homes year after year – and this year is no exception. There's evidence that this trend is hot for 2022, with aesthetics that thrill both traditional and blended design types like modern farmhouse and shabby chic. Take a look at the endless interpretations of this style to realize how beautiful it can be in any home.

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checks & plaids style patterns

Getting Warm & Cozy with Checks & Plaids

Dec 22, 2021

Tango Placemate by Burke Decor, Maria Cream and Black Gridded Pouf by Scout & Nimble, Rockhill Pillow by Renwil, Hedren Headboard by One Kings Lane, Chatham 8-light Chandelier by Savoy House, Smoke Tea Light Candle Holder by CB2, Kroy Cane Back Barstool by Arhaus, Grand Palais Arch Mirror by Ballard Designs, Influence in White/Black by Emser Tile, Hoka area rug by Kaleen, Repetition 8 Artwork by McGee & Co   

With the holidays behind us and January quickly approaching, we’re looking to hit the reset button and freshen up our homes this year. Kick-off your New Year with a cozy mix of patterns in chic checks and plaids. Pairing plaid and checkered patterns create a lively interior style that is both trendy and high-spirited. Colored plaids enrich the look and add intensity while neutral plaid patterns provide the simplicity needed to complete the checks and plaids style.

Here are four simple ways to incorporate checks and plaids into your home design this winter.

Cuddle Up with Plaid Patterns

plaid rug patterns to get cozy

Hoka area rug by Kaleen

Checkered carpets and plaid area rugs are in high style this season. Available in a variety of patterns, prints, and colorways, checks and plaids are easy to mix and match with your design themes. Whether you’re looking to upholstered your living room with a soft plush carpet or just adding an accent rug under your dining room table, plaids and checks will never fail to give your room that extra dash of texture. And, if you’re trying to decide between adding checks or plaids, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Plaid patterns are generally more complex and have an abstract feel to them that’s more contemporary. Checks, on the other hand, are typically symmetrical and lend a simpler style to the room that has a traditional feel. Depending on your design style, one might be more suited to your space than another —and depending on the size of your room, large-scale plaids versus smaller checks can also manipulate the feel of space in the room!

Invest in Stunning Penny Tile Backsplash

penny tile backsplash

Influence in White/Black by Emser Tile

Another easy way to add checks to your space is through tile backsplashes and accent walls. For instance, this retro black and white backsplash behind the sink combines a checkered pattern with a traditional mosaic in the way of penny tiling. The Influence tiling has a clean and striking look to it in the way of a neat checkerboard patterning. Plus, it provides enhanced visual interest in bathrooms and kitchens that can be easily installed as shower flooring or sink backsplashes.

Layer in Simple Light Fixtures

layer in simple light fixtures for cozy decor

Chatham 8-light Chandelier by Savoy House

Looking for a subtle way to incorporate checks and plaids? Oftentimes these two are thought of as just a print found in textiles, however, this trend plays on the creation of shapes and lines. Play with the structure of your furnishings, such as layering in cane-backed dining chairs, plaid headboards, and palladian-style windows and mirrors. Even using structural light fixtures as points of interest works to establish a common checkered theme, like this 8-light chandelier by Savoy house.

Elevate Your Space with Cozy Natural Accents

elevate interior space with cozy natural accents

Natural Shades by Graber

Lastly, use natural materials and fibers to complement your bold checks or plaids. Leather-backed chairs, hardwood floors, and wool throws work beautifully in their neutral colorways to highlight the busier prints of checks and plaids that you might incorporate through pillows, window shades, and rugs.

Looking for more design inspiration for your home this winter? Check out our latest issue of Design at Home magazine to learn about all the latest trends in flooring and get exclusive interior design advice from our designers.

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renovating your historic home

Historic Home Renovations

Dec 22, 2021

Renovating a historic home is all about focusing on restoration and preservation. What’s the point of even buying a historic home if you’re going to completely change it? People are drawn to historic homes because they bring with them a uniqueness that you can’t get with a new cookie-cutter or prefabricated home designed solely to be built as quickly as possible. When your historic home was built, there was care put into it, and you’ll feel rewarded when you put your own care into it as well. 

Check Restrictions

Before you undertake any large renovations for your historic home, you’re going to want to check if there are any restrictions on your home. Many older homes are said to be of architectural significance by the National Register of Historic Places. This can sometimes limit what you are allowed to do to the home in terms of renovations. Typically, you’ll run into trouble if you try to add square footage, replace windows and shutters, replace the roof with newer materials, or change the color of the house.

Prioritize Projects

Overall, it’s important to prioritize your projects because you won’t be able to, nor should you want to, change everything about your historic home. Problem areas affected by water damage and dry rot should come first. Older homes that have stood the test of time are subject to foundation issues that will be much more important to deal with than updating a bathroom. When you’re ready to renovate, don’t skimp on the materials. It’s far better to renovate less with the best materials than it is to renovate more with lesser materials. The outcome may not be as high quality as you’d like and will probably need another update in a shorter time frame.

 historic home restoration

As mentioned above, you didn’t buy this home to make it look like all the other ones on the street. Don’t try to change everything about your home. Embrace the parts of your historic house that make it unique and start your renovations there. Preserve those pieces by restoring them to their former glory. If they drew you to the house as is, imagine how others will feel once you’ve updated them to look like new. Those are the parts of your house that make it special enough to be your home.

Looking to Modernize?

All of this is not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t make any updates at all. There are plenty of modern updates that you can make to aspects of historic homes, such as kitchen appliances, showers, lighting, and window dressings. Changing out some of these pieces for more modern options will give your house the fresh feel you want while preserving the uniqueness that makes it so valuable.

historic home restoration

To Refinish or Invest?

Wood floors may be a great place to start your historic home’s renovations. Instead of tearing up those old floors, you can sand and refinish them. Most older homes have beautiful, wide pine floors that are hard to duplicate today. The cost of refreshing those floors is almost always cheaper than replacing them with something new. But sometimes, historic floors can be beyond repair and need replacing. If that’s the case in your home, the experts at your local Flooring America are always here to find replacement floors that will match the historic design of your home.

historic home restoration

With everything from hand-scraped hickory to distressed white oak and rich-grain quarter sawn hardwood, Flooring America has the ideal updates for your floors that will provide a seamless blend between vintage and contemporary. Let our flooring experts guide you through our extensive array of hardwood flooring products and our experienced installers carefully handle the flooring restoration of your historic home. Some contractors don’t have any experience working with historic homes, and you may not want them figuring things out for the first time on yours.

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feng shui for bedrooms

Feng Shui: Principles to Harmonize Your Home

Dec 10, 2021

Feng Shui has continued to be a popular design system since its creation in ancient China. It’s all about optimizing the flow of energy, or Chi, through the organization and layout of your furniture and home décor. In Chinese, Feng translates to wind, and Shui translates to water, so when you put them together in your home, you have a well-balanced life flow. Below, we’ll look at more than just the impact your floors can have on proper Feng Shui; we’ll look at helpful practices starting in the bedroom and moving to the rest of the house.

Increase Energy Flow 

It is believed that if you have energy flowing in the right direction, you can achieve a better night’s sleep, so let’s look at some tips to make your bedroom more Feng Shui. First things first, you’re going to want to upsize your mattress, use eco-friendly bedding, buy a headboard and bedside tables for each side. Once you have all of that together, position it as centrally in your room as you can, with the headboard against a solid wall and space on all three other sides. Make sure that when you’re in bed, you’re facing the door without being in line with it.

increase energy flow for feng shui 

Reduce Clutter

Although this certainly wasn’t a factor in ancient China, having too many electronic devices in the bedroom can harm Feng Shui. Try charging your phone overnight in a different room and outfitting your bedroom with an alarm clock you like and a book for reading. Speaking of books, try to keep only the books you are currently reading in your bedroom to reduce clutter.

reduce clutter for feng shui 

One of the biggest deterrents to keeping energy flowing properly is clutter. This starts in your bedroom, especially under your bed, but extends to the rest of your house. Clutter can bring a sense of chaos, which can weigh you down emotionally while also muddling your thoughts. With a little organizational overhaul, you can ensure that each item in your space plays to a specific function.

Create a Welcoming Space

After clearing all the clutter from your home, you’ll find it easy to keep a clear path to your front door. The front door isn’t just the way in for people; it’s also the way in for energy, so you’ll want to make it as inviting as possible. If your front entryway is feeling too small, try adding a mirror to make the space feel larger. With the energy now rushing quickly into your home, you’ll want to give it a reason to slow down before moving back out again. You can achieve this with accent pieces like artwork, rugs, and other grounding elements that will cause the energy, like people, to slow down and appreciate the space.  create a welcoming space for feng shui

When it comes to Feng Shui and floors, there’s only one rule: natural color palettes. But thankfully, this still leaves you with a lot of style options. To maximize energy flow throughout every room in your house, choose soothing, muted color tones for your floors. Stick to designs that are clean and natural, so they aren’t too busy. Some patterns can get overwhelming and cause visual clutter.

If you want to know more about achieving a Feng Shui home, a great place to start is your local Flooring America. Even though our experts specialize in flooring, they have an eye for overall design and would love to answer any questions you may have. So stop on in and get your next project started today.

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Winter 2022 DAH Magazine Teaser

Upcoming: The 2022 Winter Issue of Design at Home

Dec 08, 2021

It’s time to bundle up and brave the cold as we head into the winter season! As we enter the new year, it’s time to re-evaluate our homes and discover what is serving us and what is no longer working. This year, we expect to see a variety of new home interior trends and design styles ranging from vintage grandmillenial living room scapes to natural whites and rustic textures in the bedrooms. We’ve got a jam-packed issue full of the top trends in flooring, tips on how to design with self-care in mind and exclusive designer content. So get cozy by the fire and settle in for some inspirational reading with the latest issue of Design at Home magazine. 

7 Tips to Incorporate Self Care into Your Home

Making time for self-care is often a resolution we make each New Year and what better way to begin your transformation than with your home?  Your home environment deeply influences your mood and productivity. In this article, we explore seven ways to make your home a safe haven discussing how to separate your work space from the rest of your home and how to create a welcoming entryway.

Up-and-Coming Trends Room by Room

up and coming bedroom trends

Design by MICHELLE BERWICK  Photography by LARRY ARNAL

The start of a new year elicits feelings of anticipation for what is to come. With any luck, a few home tweaks are usually involved. This season, we're focusing on room-by-room ideas to help you make the most of each space in your house. You'll adore these gorgeously designed areas, whether it's a warm bedroom or a room designed exclusively for movie nights.

Third Floor Remodel Q&A with Rebecca Hay

Written by Rebecca Hay, Design by Rebecca Hay Designs, Photography by Mike Chajecki

In this exclusive designer interview, Rebecca Hay discusses how she approached this third floor renovation and turned it into the perfect master suite. Hay details her love of using blue in interior design, how to create texture and how to create a space that’s designed for the needs of two people.

Styles We Love: Winter Edition

This winter, three styles are making leaving their print on the interior design world: Checks and Plaids, Contemporary Curves, and Grandmillenial. Inspired by the runways of New York Fashion Week, Checks and Plaids showcases the upscale big plaid prints combined with checkered patterns to create a lively patterned interior that’s right on trend. For a more subtle interior design style, explore Contemporary Curves and revel in the pleasure of effortless curves and sleek finishes to gain a sophisticated look. Or, go bold and take your interiors to the next level with Grandmillenial, a modern take on traditional décor, furniture and lighting that is certain to elevate your interiors with its delicate florals and earthy details. 

Introducing 2022 Style Watch

introducing 2022 style watch

Discover the top ten trending floors for 2022 from cozy stylish carpets underfoot to beautiful floorboard variation to the latest engineered hardwood in waterproof flooring technology. What better way to kick off the New Year than with brand new floors for your home? This year, we explore ten different styles that have dominated in the flooring world and these trendy products are sure to catch your eye.

Behind the Design: A Rustic Mountain Retreat

Written by Big Sky Home Interiors, Design by Big Sky Home Interiors, Photography by Justine Jane Photography

rustic mountain retreat interior design


This stunningly picturesque mountain escape has all the essentials for a large family. In this design feature, interior designer Jodee March delves into creating a functional home retreat a family of ten that was designed as a getaway from their city house. Big Sky Home Interiors gathered inspiration from the Montana mountains to create a home full of color, texture and personalized rustic charm.

Finding Inspiration from Regional Landscapes

Written by Louis Duncan-He, Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs

finding landscape inspiration for interior design


Have you ever been curious to know how your natural surroundings shape your interior design? Well, in this exclusive feature, Louis Duncan-He extracts the ways in which his design inspiration comes from regional landscapes, exploring everything from the ocean blue hues of the west-coast to the posh, modern spaces of metropolitan areas. 

Bridging Natural Light and Warm Textures

Learn how you can bridge natural light with warm textures in your bedrooms in this carpet flooring feature. This theme for winter combines the natural beauty of sunshine with the warmth of carpet to produce one harmonized style that will transform your bedroom from dreary to brilliant. Explore ways to achieve this look through natural light and neutral carpet with recommendations from our Flooring America carpet catalog.

Designing with White

Written by Diana Rose Balanyuk, Design by Diana Rose Design, Photography by Mike Chajecki

designing with the color white

Design by DIANA ROSE  Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

Fall back in love with white with this article by designer Diana Rose, who discusses how she uses white color palettes as the dominant part of her interior design. Learn everything you need to know about combining white with color and adding interest without color through shading, tones, textures and materials in Rose’s feature on designing a living space with white.

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